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Everyone has wounds, both physical and emotional, at some time or other in his/her life. Emotional scars, take a much longer time to heal than physical ones. But the good news is that Jesus can meet your needs for inner, hidden wounds, for He says: “I am the LORD who heals you”. Exodus 15:26. He both heals the broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds.

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Here are five principles to apply to effect the healing process to inner wounds.

Reveal your hurts. In Psalm 32:3, David’s silence in non-confession resulted in untold agony. We respond to inner hurts by denial, suppression, escape (compulsive work, substance abuse, even over-eating), cover up, amongst others. None of these work. When we use our energy to deal with emotional wounds it saps up all energy intended for any other purposes. We need to be honest and confront the hurt:

Be honest with self to admit the hurt.

Be honest with God. God already knows all the details.

Be honest and share with at least one other trusted person who can support you. Consider your small group, or contact a church counsellor.

Release those who hurt you.

You can ‘get even’ or ’get well’, but you can’t do both. Getting even does not rid the pain. The only solution is to forgive. Why should we forgive the undeserving? Simply because God forgave us who are equally undeserving of God’s grace of salvation. Furthermore, Romans 12:17, 19 exhorts us not to repay evil with evil, and that vengeance belongs to God alone, who will repay. Psalm 56:8 comforts that God records every tear, every pain. Let us take Jesus’ passion as example – He did not retaliate to revilement, or in suffering, but committed Himself to God’s justice (1 Pet 2:23).Entertain no resentment, no bitter root; but break the chain of hurt to protect your children and their subsequent generations.

Replace old files with God’s truth. Erase the memory of the hurts.

Be transformed with the renewing of your mind (Rom 12:2).

Fill your mind with God’s word – daily Quiet Time, study, memorise.

Believe God’s truth about you – e.g. holy and blameless (1 Thess 5:23) Your self esteem depends on how you think the most important person in your life views you. Well, God values you.

Refocus on the future, i.e. God’s plan for you.

You will surely forget your trouble (Job 11:16), so stretch out to God, ask Jesus to come into that dark area you have locked up from Him. Stop focusing on people and the hurt, but on Jesus, and lift up your face without shame. Stand firm, you are not a victim, but a victor in Jesus.

Reach out to help others.

You will be able to comfort others with the comfort you yourself received from God (2 Cor 1:4).Today, appropriate these steps to find Support and Guidance. No matter who, what, when, where, there is healing for you. Will you receive it? Your pain can be erased, reversed, but only with God’s help. If you are a nobody, you can be a somebody. Jesus sees, and wants to heal, all your pain, hurt, insecurity and anger. Take these initial steps to begin the healing process.

Serving opportunities in the Support and Guidance Ministry:

The Support and Guidance Team Leader, which involves:

  • Co-ordinating and allocating team members to minister to people in need.
  • Ensuring the teams' capacity and capability through recruitment, training and retention.
  • Liaising with the church office for counselling and escalating special needs to the Pastor.
  • Liaising with other relevant ministries.

Support and Guidance Team Member, which involves:

  • Assisting with ministry.
  • Interceding for the ministry.
  • Being available for altar call ministry.
  • Attending courses

If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact the church office.



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We desire to see all people COME to faith in Jesus Christ so He might HEAL their brokenness, that all may GROW in their relationship with God and HELP others to do the same.


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