Leadership School

The Leadership School is a one-year intensive course, focused on developing basic leadership skills. 

"Training" in the Leadership School context focuses on participation and practice with the goal of developing skills. Participants will remember and use much more of what they experience in the Leadership School because there are opportunities to actually practice the new skill and to apply principles to their lives and work. 

The Leadership School is for people who are or soon will be in leadership positions, as well as for those who may not have responsibilities over other people, but who have functions in areas such as:

  1. Public Relations
  2. Training
  3. Communication
  4. Management

In most traditional education, the emphasis tends toward imparting knowledge. The Leadership School values imparting time-tested knowledge, balanced by skill development through hands on practice. 

Even though our trainers are experienced practitioners, we respect the previous training and experience of our participants. We believe the knowledge of the group is always greater than that of the presenter at the front of the class. This belief makes a huge difference in our attitude and approach to learning and training. 

Our training makes an effort to follow the biblical exhortation to grow together as the Body of Christ.


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We desire to see all people COME to faith in Jesus Christ so He might HEAL their brokenness, that all may GROW in their relationship with God and HELP others to do the same.

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