Called to be Different

Living in close proximity to Jesus for more than three years had provided Peter the best possible example of what it looked like to live in holiness in the midst of a hostile world. More than any other person who walked the earth, Jesus was that example.

1 Peter focuses on how young believers, who were to be persecuted at the hands of the ruthless emperor Nero, should bear up when faced with unjust suffering and continue to live holy and godly lives. 1 Peter has sometimes been called the Job of the New Testament, providing encouragement to every true believer in Christ who may suffer for their faith. Peter seeks to help these young believers view their temporary sufferings in the full light of the coming eternal glory of Christ.


Join us as we explore this letter of Peter and find that same encouragement for ourselves.



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We desire to see all people COME to faith in Jesus Christ so He might HEAL their brokenness, that all may GROW in their relationship with God and HELP others to do the same.

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