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  • Sunday 25 July: Revelation 1: All or Nothing

This Sunday we kick off with a new series on the book of Revelation called All or Nothing. We look at who wrote Revelation, what the book is about, and think about what it means that Jesus is coming back to earth.

  • Sunday 18 July: Sermon on the Mount: Do Not Judge

Enter the courtroom of Judge Scruff the Dog, where Mendel the Monster is on trial for having a speck of sawdust in his eye. What will the verdict be? What will the punishment be? And will Judge Scruff be able to see clearly, or is something in the way? All this and more will be revealed in this week's Kids' Talk which explores Jesus' words in Matthew 7.1-5 to help kids understand that God does not want his followers to judge others.

  • Sunday 11 July: Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19-21, that our hearts will always be where our treasure is. In other words, what we love most matters! And Jesus wants us to love God, our Creator, most. Even more than the good things God gives us. This fun claymation Kids' Talk explores Jesus' words to help kids understand that it really does matter where we store up our treasure.

  • Sunday 4 July: Sermon on the Mount: Do Not Murder

Breaking News! A puppet has been accused of murder just for saying he hated his brother! Puppet presenters Scruff and Gruncharina report on this major court case to help kids reflect on Jesus' words in Matthew 5:21-26; that as people who are loved by God, Jesus wants his followers to speak kindly to others and resolve conflicts quickly.

  • Sunday 27 June: Sermon on the Mount: Salt of the Earth

This begins our 'Sermon on the Mount' series, starting with Jesus words from Matthew 5, "You are the salt of the earth". Jesus' people will be different from those who do not follow Jesus.

Jesus wants his followers to do good things… in secret! In this week’s Kids' Talk video, we see that Jesus wants his followers to love and help others; not to get praise from people, but because God loves and helps us. God is so kind to us and living God’s way means being humble in the way we show kindness and love to others, not showing off.

  • Sunday 12 June: Keeping Your Word

“I swear I will…” - have you ever said you were going to do something and then did not do it? In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we see that Jesus is serious about his followers doing what they say they are going to do. Living God’s way means telling the truth ALL the time and keeping our word.

What makes you feel worried? In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we see that Jesus tells his followers NOT to worry about anything. God knows what we need, and he will provide. So instead of worrying, Jesus wants us to trust God. That’s how people can live God’s Way.

  • Sunday 30 May: Loving Your Enemies

Love your… enemies? It is easy to love your friends, but Jesus teaches that living God’s way means loving even those who are hard to love. It even means loving your enemies. Find out more about why Jesus wants his followers to love all people, even their enemies, in this week’s Kids’ Talk video about how to live God’s way.

  • Sunday 23 May: Storing Up Treasure

Be careful what you treasure! In the first of our Living God’s Way Kids’ Talk videos, we are reminded by Jesus’ words that nothing in this world is safe! Our toys, clothes and other stuff may get lost or stolen or will just eventually go away. So instead of storing up treasure on earth, Jesus wants his followers to store up treasure in heaven that WILL last forever.

God’s ‘Grace’, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Love’ are available to ALL who repent and trust in Jesus. This is wonderful news! In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, Chrissy & Gem take us through Jonah chapters 3 and 4 as we (and Jonah!) see God’s amazing ‘Grace’, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Love’ in action.

A man is swallowed by a giant fish! The Book of Jonah sure is exciting. But Jonah being swallowed up by a giant fish isn’t the most exciting part! The Book of Jonah helps us see that God is a God of Grace and Kindness and Love. But the prophet Jonah is not happy about this! Jonah thinks that the people of Nineveh are too bad to deserve God’s forgiveness. Join Chrissy and Gem as they take us on a journey with Jonah to discover God’s amazing Grace, Kindness
and Love towards all people.

  • Sunday 2 May: Friendship With God - Restored Friendships

God’s love can never be undone! The Bible tells us that God loves people so much, he sent Jesus to bring God’s friendship to everyone who trusts him. This is wonderful news! In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we will see what Jesus did to make a way for people’s friendship with God to be restored.

  • Sunday 25 April: Friendship With God - Perfected Friendships

The best is yet to come! The Bible tells us that Jesus has made a way for people’s friendship with God to be restored. But there is still more! This week’s Kids’ Talk video reveals what the Bible says awaits everyone who puts their trust in Jesus. It’s more incredible than you could ever imagine!

  • Sunday 18 April: Friendship With God - Broken Friendships

Over 100 million copies of the Bible are sold every year! The Bible has been translated into 532 different languages! The Bible has been read more than any other book in history! Join Jordan and Rosie as they take us on a journey through this incredible book which is all about Jesus and the good and wondrous things he brings.

  • Sunday 11 April: How Should We Live NOW?

The Bible promises that one day there will be no more pain and suffering because Jesus is going to come back and bring a perfect, fixed up world. But he hasn’t done that yet! So how should followers of Jesus live NOW? Join MAtt and Bubbles for the final part of our series on the HUGE topic of suffering and discover with them that God wants us to live by FAITH, in HOPE, and showing LOVE!

  • Sunday 4 April: The Greatest Swap in History!

The Greatest Swap in History! With puppets, animation, stories and an awesome new song, this fun video shares the amazing news of the Bible; that the greatest swap in history is the one that Jesus made for you and me.

  • Sunday 28 March: God's Ultimate Plan is NO Suffering!

Imagine a perfect, fixed up world with no crying, pain, death or suffering! Well, guess what? This is God’s ultimate plan! In part 4 of our series on the HUGE topic of suffering, MAtt explains that the Bible gives us a GREAT and REAL hope because God’s ultimate plan is a perfect, fixed up world where everyone who trusts Jesus will get to live forever with God.

  • Sunday 21 March: God Understands Suffering

Does God get it? Does God understand how awful suffering is? The Bible shows us that YES, God understands suffering because Jesus, God the Son experienced suffering but he also showed that suffering will not win in the end! MAtt and Chick explore this incredible truth in part 3 of our series on the HUGE topic of suffering.

  • Sunday 14 March: God Works Suffering for Good

The Bible tells us that even in suffering, God works for the good of those who love him. Join MAtt and Jazz in part 2 of our series on the HUGE topic of suffering as MAtt explains from the Bible that the “good” that God is working towards is for those who love him to be made like his Son, Jesus!

  • Sunday 7 March: Why is there suffering?

Why is there pain and suffering? Does God care about our suffering? Why is life sometimes so hard? The Bible gives us some answers to our questions about pain and suffering. It also gives
us some non-answers! Join MAtt and Percival for Part 1 in our series on the huge topic of suffering. We won’t always know why people suffer but what we can know for sure is that God is always good, God is always loving and God is always in control.

  • Sunday 28 February: Jesus and the Stinky Fisherman 2

Simon Peter was one of Jesus' closest friends. In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we find out that Simon Peter let Jesus down really badly. But Jesus forgives Simon Peter and welcomes him back!
In fact, the Bible tells us that Jesus welcomes anyone back when they come to him, even when they have let Jesus down. And then Jesus wants people to tell others about his wonderful offer of forgiveness.

  • Sunday 21 February: Jesus and the Bad Man

Hands up if you’ve ever done the wrong thing? What does God think about people who do the wrong thing? In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we find out that whether people have done only a
few bad things or lots and lots of bad things, all people can be accepted by God because of Jesus.

  • Sunday 14 February: Jesus and the Lost Man

Jesus came to seek and save the lost! In this Kids’ Talk video, we meet a man who was a thief, a cheat, a liar and no one liked him. He truly was lost. But anyone can be found by Jesus! Jesus came to save people so they could become friends with God.

  • Sunday 7 February: Jesus and Kids

Are kids important to Jesus? The Bible says yes! This week’s Kids’ Talk video brings to life the story of Mark 10:13-16 to show that Jesus wants kids to come to him, trust him and be part of his Kingdom forever.

  • Sunday 31 January: Jesus and the Lonely Woman

If you are sad or lonely or from the wrong part of town, are you welcome in God’s Kingdom? Yes! The Bible shows us that Jesus wants everyone to know that they are loved by God and welcome in His Kingdom forever. In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, Jesus meets a sad, lonely woman whose life has been full of hardship and trouble. He shows her that she is loved by God and her life is changed forever.

  • Sunday 24 January: Jesus and the Good Guy

Can anyone be good enough for God? Nicodemus sure thought he was… until he met Jesus. In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, an important, religious man named Nicodemus meets Jesus and Jesus shows him that even people who are really good and do all the right things can never be good enough for God. All people must be changed by Jesus from the inside to be made right with God and be part of his Kingdom forever.

  • Sunday 17 January: Jesus and the Stinky Fisherman

From a fisher of fish to a fisher of men! Meet Simon Peter, a not so smart, not very good at his job, smelly fisherman. After a long night fishing without catching any fish, Simon Peter meets Jesus and his life is changed forever! Jesus calls Simon Peter to follow him and tell people about him because Jesus wants everyone to know him, trust him and be part of his Kingdom forever.

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