Willows Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Disciples Path - Worship Graeme Mercer 2018-03-04 a Disciples Path
Disciples Path - Prayer Graeme Mercer 2018-02-25 a Disciples Path
Disciples path - Defined Graeme Mercer 2018-02-18 a Disciples Path
I Choose Yury Gaudard 2018-02-11 General
Feed My Sheep Graeme Mercer 2018-02-11 DiscipleShift
Surrender Over Control Yury Gaudard 2018-02-04 I Choose....
God was in Christ Dudley Goodenough 2018-02-04 General
Purpose over Popularity Yury Gaudard 2018-01-28 I Choose....
Who is your Neighbour? Graeme Mercer 2018-01-28 General
Talents Simi Ngomane 2018-01-21 General
What Do You See? Simi Ngomane 2018-01-14 General
Sabbath Rest Graeme Mercer 2018-01-07 General
New Year Message 2018 Dudley Goodenough 2017-12-31 General
Why Christmas Graeme Mercer 2017-12-25 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Shepherds Graeme Mercer 2017-12-24 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Mary Part 2 Graeme Mercer 2017-12-17 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Mary Part 1 Graeme Mercer 2017-12-10 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Joseph Graeme Mercer 2017-12-03 Advent - Fear Not
The Art Of Ending Graeme Mercer 2017-11-26 General
Overcoming Dissapointment 2 Graeme Mercer 2017-11-19 General
Claim Your True Identity Graeme Mercer 2017-11-19 General
Overcoming Fear Graeme Mercer 2017-11-12 General
Overcoming Dissapointment Graeme Mercer 2017-11-05 General
Surrender All Simi Ngomane 2017-10-22 General
Bring Your Gift Guest Speaker 2017-10-15 General
The power of a missional community Guest Speaker 2017-10-08 General
Actions speaks louder than words Guest Speaker 2017-10-01 General
Jesus - Prophpet without honor Guest Speaker 2017-09-17 General
Hagar and Us Guest Speaker 2017-09-10 General
You stand out in a Crowd Guest Speaker 2017-09-03 General
Now This is Living! Graeme Mercer 2017-08-27 Finding Your Way Back To God
God Loves Me Deeply After All Graeme Mercer 2017-08-20 Finding Your Way Back To God
I Can’t Do This On My Own Graeme Mercer 2017-08-13 Finding Your Way Back To God
I Wish I Could Start Over Graeme Mercer 2017-08-06 Finding Your Way Back To God
There’s Got to Be More Graeme Mercer 2017-07-30 Finding Your Way Back To God
Pleasing God Simi Ngomane 2017-07-23 General
Nothing is Impossible for my God Graeme Mercer 2017-07-16 General
Christ Ambassador Guest Speaker 2017-07-12 General
Memories Graeme Mercer 2017-07-02 General
June 2017 Family Service Graeme Mercer 2017-06-25 General
Friend at Midnight Graeme Mercer 2017-06-18 Moral of the Story
Father's Mandate Graeme Mercer 2017-06-18 General
Ten Virgins- Spiritual Complacency Part2 Graeme Mercer 2017-06-11 Moral of the Story
Your Choice Graeme Mercer 2017-06-11 General
Ten Virgins- Spiritual Complacency Graeme Mercer 2017-06-04 Moral of the Story
Life Hereafter Graeme Mercer 2017-06-04 Credo
Lost Coin Simi Ngomane 2017-05-28 Moral of the Story
We will seek Jesus Dudley Goodenough 2017-05-28 General
Workers in the Wineyard Graeme Mercer 2017-05-21 Moral of the Story
One Church Graeme Mercer 2017-05-21 Credo
The Shrewd Manager Graeme Mercer 2017-05-14 Moral of the Story
We believe in the Holy Spirit Graeme Mercer 2017-05-14 Credo
Parable of the Sower Graeme Mercer 2017-05-07 Moral of the Story
Judge - Heaven and Earth Graeme Mercer 2017-05-07 Credo
If I Truly believe - Why do I doubt? Graeme Mercer 2017-04-30 General
Training For Greatness Graeme Mercer 2017-04-30 General
Shall We Live Again Dudley Goodenough 2017-04-30 General
Unlocking Doors Simi Ngomane 2017-04-23 General
Jesus has Risen Graeme Mercer 2017-04-16 Credo
Behold The Lamb Graeme Mercer 2017-04-14 Holy Week 2017
Jesus Died - Lost 12 Hours Graeme Mercer 2017-04-13 Holy Week 2017
The day Jesus died 3pm to 6pm Graeme Mercer 2017-04-12 Holy Week 2017
The day Jesus died - Noon to 3pm Graeme Mercer 2017-04-11 Holy Week 2017
The Day Jesus Died 6am to Noon Graeme Mercer 2017-04-10 Holy Week 2017
The Day Jesus Died 6pm to 6am - Holy Week Graeme Mercer 2017-04-09 Holy Week 2017
When did Jesus die? - Holy Week Graeme Mercer 2017-04-09 Holy Week 2017
Have You Been To CalGary Dudley Goodenough 2017-04-02 General
Resurrection Hope Simi Ngomane 2017-04-02 General
Created Heaven and Earth Graeme Mercer 2017-03-26 Credo
Crucified, Died and Burried Graeme Mercer 2017-03-26 Credo
Self-Discipline - Forgotten Virtues Graeme Mercer 2017-03-19 Forgotten Virtues
And Was Made Man Graeme Mercer 2017-03-19 Credo
Justice - Forgotten Virtues Graeme Mercer 2017-03-12 Forgotten Virtues
Purity - Forgotten Virtues Simi Ngomane 2017-03-05 Forgotten Virtues
Jesus Christ The Son of God Graeme Mercer 2017-03-05 Credo
Integrity - Forgotten Virtues Graeme Mercer 2017-02-26 Forgotten Virtues
Honour - Forgotten Virtues Graeme Mercer 2017-02-19 Forgotten Virtues
Father Almighty Graeme Mercer 2017-02-19 Credo
Loyalty - Forgotten Virtues Graeme Mercer 2017-02-12 Forgotten Virtues
I Believe in God Graeme Mercer 2017-02-12 Credo
Stop Complaining Graeme Mercer 2017-02-05 General
The Apostles Creed Graeme Mercer 2017-02-05 Credo
I Never Knew You Matt Thomas 2017-01-29 I wish Jesus had never said that
2017 Covenant Service Graeme Mercer 2017-01-29 General
Mammon Graeme Mercer 2017-01-22 I wish Jesus had never said that
Knowing Jesus Matt Thomas 2017-01-22 General
Beyond The Extra Mile Matt Thomas 2017-01-15 I wish Jesus had never said that
Growth - Your Choice Graeme Mercer 2017-01-15 General
My Fathers House Graeme Mercer 2017-01-08 General
Gravity Guest Speaker 2016-12-20 General
Crib and Cross forever together Dudley Goodenough 2016-12-20 General
Kairos King Graeme Mercer 2016-12-04 General
Why Worry Matt Thomas 2016-11-28 I wish Jesus had never said that
What Christmas actually means Graeme Mercer 2016-11-28 General
Dividing God Matt Thomas 2016-11-20 I wish Jesus had never said that
The Value of Values Graeme Mercer 2016-11-20 General
Anger Graeme Mercer 2016-11-13 I wish Jesus had never said that
Hope Simi Ngomane 2016-11-13 General
Unwanted Blessing Matt Thomas 2016-11-06 I wish Jesus had never said that
Coming Clean Graeme Mercer 2016-11-06 Prayer - Why it Matters