Prayer Ministry

1 Thes 5:17 “Pray continually.”

Jesus spent regular time in prayer. He shows us the importance of praying on your own before God to deepen your relationship with Him and to glorify Him; praying with others in agreement and trusting Him for a response to prayer for a certain need or situation; and praying for others and believing in Him to intervene according to His will. Jesus teaches us to be persistent in prayer and to learn to be still and to wait on God. It is through prayer that we can move the heart of our Father God.

The Prayer Ministry is a made up of a team of individuals who reach out to the congregation, our community, our city, our country and our continent through corporate and intercessory prayer.

Through prayer, God is glorified, we are sanctified and the church is edified. Our communion with God opens the door for a meaningful relationship with Him and the people around us.

We are a team of individuals that form part of the church’s prayer chain. When there is a need, a special circumstance, an upcoming event in the church or elsewhere, a disaster or when things don’t seem to be falling into place, we take it before the Lord in prayer.

NAME: Debbie
SURNAME: Durrant
ROLE: Ministry Leader
MINISTRY: Intercession
TEL / CELL: (012) 807 2752
More information

If you would like more information about the Prayer Ministry, please feel free to contact the Ministry Leader by using the abovementioned details. This ministry offers the opportunity of exercising your faith and really getting to know the Father heart of God through prayer. He is faithful and trustworthy and longs for you to pray to Him. Isaiah 30:18 “So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so He can show you His love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help.”

Become involved

The serving opportunities in the Prayer Ministry include being:

The Prayer Ministry Leader, which includes:

  • Managing and co-ordinating the prayer chain and the correspondence with the team
  • Liaising with the church office; leadership and other relevant ministries

Intercessory Prayer Team Members, which includes:

  • Standing in the gap in prayer to the Lord for others and various situations both locally and worldwide
  • Praying for specific requirements as guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Praying for emergency needs as and when they arise

Service Prayer Team Members, which includes:

  • Praying for the services before, during and after the service
  • If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact our Church Office using the details below:


    Tel: 012 807 2752 or 012 807 4224
    Fax: 012 807 4224
    Email >>
    Office hours: 08h00 - 15h00 Mon to Fri