Shape Course

The Shape course has been designed to help you answer significant life questions, such as:

  • What shape are you in?
  • Where do you fit in?
  • Do you have any spiritual gifts?
  • What does the Bible teach about spiritual gifts?
  • What must you do with your spiritual gifts?

This course is run at Willows Church and will help you to realise God’s plan for your life.

NAME: Patrizia
ROLE: Ministry Leader
MINISTRY: Corporate Prayer
TEL / CELL: (012) 807 2752
More information

If you would like more information about the Shape Course or if you are interested in attending the course, please feel free to contact the Ministry Leader by using the abovementioned details.

Become involved

The serving opportunities in the Shape Course Ministry include being:

A Course Team Leader, which involves:

  • Developing or reviewing the course study guide
  • Presenting the material
  • Planning and scheduling the Shape Course
  • Advertising the Shape Course activities to attract participants

A Course Team Member, which involves:

  • Assisting in developing or reviewing the course study guide
  • Assisting with presenting the material
  • Assisting with running the Shape Course, including bookings, registration, cleaning, babysitting, catering, etc.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact our Church Office using the details below:


Tel: 012 807 2752 or 012 807 4224
Fax: 012 807 4224
Email >>
Office hours: 08h00 - 15h00 Mon to Fri